Economic priorities


Priority 1.1 – Increasing the competitiveness of the regional economy

  • Measure 1.1.1 – Connecting the scientific-educational and research institutions in the Region with the business
  • Measure 1.1.2 – Increase the innovation capacities of the enterprises from the Region
    Measure 1.1.3 – Increase the capacity of stakeholders to access the appropriate funds at the state and EU level
  • Measure 1.1.4 – Special benefits for investors investing in high technology, robotics and ICT
  • Measure 1.1.5 – Branding of the Region and its leading products

Priority 1.2 – Attracting investments in the Region

  • Measure 1.2.1 – Mapping of the potentials of the Investment Region
  • Measure 1.2.2 – Promotion of the economic potentials of the Region

Priority 1.3 – Strengthening the small and medium enterprise sector in the Region

  • Measure 1.3.1 – Strengthening the management capacities of existing and potential small business entrepreneurs
  • Measure 1.3.2 – Support for start-up businesses
  • Measure 1.3.3 – Utilization of programs for financing the SME sector
  • Measure 1.3.4 – Facilitate the work of traditional craftsmen
  • Measure 1.3.5 – Support for a joint event of the companies

Priority 1.4 – Sustainability of agriculture and rural development

  • Measure 1.4.1 – Improving the quality and supply of agricultural products
  • Measure 1.4.2 – Creating conditions for rural development

Priority 1.5 – Development of transport and communication infrastructure and improvement of the space

  • Measure 1.5.1 – Construction, reconstruction and modernization of the traffic network
  • Measure 1.5.2 – Application of information – communication technologies

Education, social and health care


Priority 2.1 – Quality education, tailored to the needs of the business, structuring the CCO, according to the requirements of the labor market

  • Measure 2.1.1 – Promotion of the advantages of vocational secondary / higher education
  • Measure 2.1.2 – Creating conditions for opening classes for vocational education and higher education institutions in accordance with the needs of the labor
  • market throughout the Region
  • Measure 2.1.3 – Promotion of successful businessmen who have graduated from secondary vocational schools and faculties

Priority 2.2 – Preventing the outflow of professional staff from tertiary activities by encouraging greater gender equality and opportunities for inclusion in the labor market of citizens from vulnerable categories

  • Measure 2.2.1 – Promotion and support of initiatives for creating better working conditions and progress in small and rural areas
  • Measure 2.2.2 – Involvement of local educated and expert staff in planning and creating development perspectives in their Region and its environment
  • Measure 2.2.3 – Raising awareness of gender equality and the need for inclusion in the labor market of women and representatives of vulnerable categories

Priority 2.3 – Improving the coverage of families with needs for social programs, greater coverage of preschool children from rural areas in kindergartens, as well as harmonization of programs for protection of the elderly

  • Measure 2.3.1 – Increased coverage of families and individuals in need of social protection
  • Measure 2.3.2 – Improving the coverage of preschool children in kindergartens, especially in rural areas
  • Measure 2.3.3 – Adjust the programs for protection of the elderly and infirm in the Region and development of a health care network in accordance with the demographic characteristics of the Region

Tourism and culture


Priority 3.1 – Infrastructure management and improving the orderliness of natural and cultural attractions for tourism

  • Measure 3.1.1 – Preparation of urban-planning documentation
  • Measure 3.1.2 – Development of mountaineering trails and their networking with other regions
  • Measure 3.1.3 – Providing infrastructure to the attractions and equipping them
  • Measure 3.1.4 – Providing information, signaling and visualization of tourist attractions
  • Measure 3.1.5 – Revitalization of old houses and construction of buildings in rural areas for accommodation facilities, catering facilities and commercial buildings related to ethnographic heritage
  • Measure 3.1.6 – Construction and revitalization of mountain lodges in the Region

Priority 3.2 – Strengthening the capacities for tourism development in order to have a more even distribution of the tourist trade within the Region

  • Measure 3.2.1 – Creation of a system of tourist organization in the Region
  • Measure 3.2.2 – Organizing a training system for raising the competencies of the entities involved in tourism
  • Measure 3.2.3 – Improving the operation of clusters and other types of associations
  • Measure 3.2.4 – Introduction of a tourist registration system
  • Measure 3.2.5 – Creating a climate for public-private partnership
  • Measure 3.2.6 – Develop a system for managing key tourist destinations and attractions

Priority 3.3 – Creating a regional tourist offer, in order to break the seasonal character of tourism and equal use of facilities throughout the year

  • Measure 3.3.1 – Update of tourist maps
  • Measure 3.3.2 – Branding of the Tourism Region
  • Measure 3.3.3 – Establishment of joint tourism programs / products from rural, mountain, spa and speleological tourism with cultural tourism and support of travel agencies to promote the Region
  • Measure 3.3.4 – Development of gastronomic offer and its promotion as well as part of the culture in the Region
  • Measure 3.3.5 – Development of products from cultural tourism in rural areas
  • Measure 3.3.6 – Increasing the competitiveness of the Region
  • Measure 3.3.7 – Promotion of tourist values ​​of off-season character



Priority 4.1 – Construction, reconstruction and modernization of the communal infrastructure

  • Measure 4.1.1 – Reconstruction of existing and construction of new water supply systems
  • Measure 4.1.2 – Introduction of an integrated solid waste management system
  • Measure 4.1.3 – Municipal wastewater drainage systems and treatment plants

Priority 4.2 – Promote the protection of biodiversity, air, water and soil

  • Measure 4.2.1 – Protection of biodiversity
  • Measure 4.2.2 – Air quality
  • Measure 4.2.3 – Water and soil protection