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Second session of the regional community forum

On April 26, 2022, the Center for development of the Southwest planning region held a second session of the regional community forum. The external expert presented the concept projects related
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Construction of canal Pesjak in Makedonski Brod

Makedonski Brod, April 1, 2022     The Center for development of the Southwest planning region, in cooperation with the Municipality of Makedonski Brod, starts with activities for completion of the
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Will be reconstructed streets Dame Gruev and Momcilo Jordanoski

March 17   With the beginning with work of the company Markoski K73 from Struga, as a holder of group procurement, the preparatory activities for reconstruction of Dame Gruev and part
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Delivered containers for municipal waste to the residents of the Municipality of Plasnica

Plasnica, 08.03.2022, Today, in the Municipality of Plasnica, containers for waste collection were handed over to the Public municipal utility from this municipality, which will be assigned to the citizens
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