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Project: Construction and Reconstruction of Road Infrastructure (2018)

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Municipality of Struga – Partial reconstruction and energy rehabilitation of the building of Kindergarten “8th March- Peperutka”

– installation of new PVC windows and doors – 145 pieces, ceiling insulation – 265 m2, thermal insulation – 246 m2, construction of new electricity – 226.30 m2; installation of ceiling LED lamps – 40 pieces; installation of radiators – 2 pieces; installation of ceramic tiles – 7m2;

Municipality of Ohrid – Reconstruction of the roof of Kindergarten “Razvigorche”

– installation of a new roof covering made of plasticized sheet metal – 1735 m2; installation of new covers – 730 m; installation of new covers with developed width of 415mm – 730m; installation of snow barriers – 215m; construction and installation of a hidden gutter – 75m; manufacture and installation of sheet metal covers – 156m; making wooden substructure from narrow timber – 8.1 m3; installation of transverse slats – 880 m;

Municipality of Kichevo- Reconstruction of the external facade in a state building in the Municipality of Kichevo

– plastering and patching of damaged parts of existing walls – 280.96 m2; construction of demit facade – 1403.43 m2; making balustrades on balconies – 83.80 m2; construction of surfaces around door openings and windows on the facade – 694.32 +121.20 m; making a cover around openings – 257m.

Municipality of Debrca – Rehabilitation – reconstruction of the community building in the village of Volino

– dismantling of an existing roof of tiles – 292.5m2; demolition of existing reed and plaster ceilings – 146m2; demolition of pathos – 138m2; dismantling of existing windows and doors – 25 pieces; concreting of floor slab – 110 m2; concreting of sidewalks – 95.9m2; plastering of interior walls-114 m2; construction of suspended ceiling – 146m2; repair of damaged parts of the facade – 220m2; making a floor from planks of roof construction – 292.5m2; roofing with tiles – 292.5m2; thermal insulation of floors – 145m2; thermal insulation of the roof plate – 168m2; installation of windows and doors – 28 pieces; construction of horizontal and vertical gutters – 93.4m; installation of wall ceramic tiles – 30m2; floor ceramic tiles – 160m2; power supply with switchboards; electrical installation for lighting; sanitary water supply; fecal sewage; sanitation.



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