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Organizing caravans with folklore groups, presentation of traditional food and costumes, and ethno performances in 13 municipalities of the South-west planning region

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The main goals of the project are to preserve the traditions and the optimal use of the cultural wealth in the South-west planning region in order to improve the tourist offer. The project is funded through the Programs for balanced regional development of the Ministry of Local Self-Government and the Bureau for Regional Development for 2011. Partners in the project All 13 municipalities (Struga, Ohrid, Vevchani, Debrca, Drugovo, Debar, Centar Zupa, Kichevo, Plasnica, Vranestica, Makedonski Brod, Oslomej and Zajas) within the South-west planning region are partners in the implementation of the project.

In order to achieve the defined goals, the Center for development of the South-west planning region through this project will realize the following activities

1. Amateur theater performances Two new theater plays were performed, one in macedonian and one in albanian language. The play in macedonian language was performed in the Municipality of Vevchani, Makedonski Brod, Ohrid and Kichevo, while the play in albanian language in the Municipalities of Zajas, Debar and Struga. The performances had the opportunity to be watched by interested citizens from the region and tourists, and they were free.

2. Presentation of traditional food and costumes A presentation of traditional food and traditional costumes will be held in the Kichevo micro region. All municipalities were presented with their cultural treasures, costumes, folk groups and traditional food. The event was open with guests from the country and abroad and the presence of the media.


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