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Preparation of documentation for establishing an integrated and financially self-sustainable waste management system in the Pelagonija, Southwest, Vardar and Skopje Region

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Project goals
During 2016, three consultative workshops were held with all stakeholders in the Region, and public presentations were made on the Regional waste management plan and the Strategic environmental assessment at the micro level – Struga, Kichevo and Debar. Also, on two occasions, were prepared Ad hoc reports, as a precursor, of the Regional waste management plan and the Feasibility study of the integrated waste management system. For the preparation of the mentioned documents, the project team made a comprehensive analysis of the existing documentation, analysis of the work of PMUs, field visits to landfills, measurement of landfilled waste with analysis of its structure and analysis of geological structure of potential locations for the regional landfill. By the end of 2017, the key documents should be prepared, after which it will be possible to start the construction of an integrated waste management system in the Southwest planning region, which requires about 27 million euros.
The project was initiated by the Ministry of environment and physical planning, within the IPA instruments, and implemented by the consortium ENVIROPLAN S.A. (Leader) – LOUIS BERGER, BiPRO GmbH, EPEM S.A., SLR Consulting Ltd.

– Analysis of national, regional and local strategic documents;
– Organized three workshops with stakeholders;
– Field visits, waste measurement, analysis of the waste structure;
– Prepared two ad hoc reports;
– Prepared Regional Waste Management Plan for SWPR;
– Prepared Strategic assessment for the impact on the environment, during 1 month put on public view before the citizens;
– Presentations and public debate on the Regional waste management plan and Strategic environmental assessment


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