Area: 35 km

Number of inhabitants: 2,433

Number of settlements: 1

Main priorities: Tourism development, Environmental protection, Agriculture development

Area: 145.67 km

Number of inhabitants: 19,542

Number of settlements: 18

Altitude 630-700 m

Priorities: Development of tourism, Collector system and Wastewater treatment plant.

Area: 389.93km²

Number of inhabitants: 55,749

Number of settlements: 29

Main priorities: Solid waste management strategy, Branding of Ohrid as a tourist destination, Construction and reconstruction of road infrastructure.

Area: 425.39km

Number of inhabitants: 5,507

Number of settlements: 30

Main priorities: Development of local and road infrastructure, Development of organic production.

Area: 49.14km

Number of inhabitants: 56,739

Number of settlements: 7

Main priorities: Landscaping of the city center, Reconstruction of local roads, Sewage systems.

Area: 888.97km

Number of inhabitants: 7,141

Number of settlements: 51

Main priorities: Tourism development, Wood industry development, Healthy food production, Infrastructure development.

Area: 54.44km

Number of inhabitants: 4,545

Number of settlements: 4

Main priorities: New jobs, Assistance for small enterprises, Economic development.

Area: 483km²

Number of inhabitants: 63,376

Number of settlements: 51

Main priorities: Modernization of the urban plan, Tourism development plan, Construction of the lake shore.

Area: 107.21km

Number of inhabitants: 6,519

Number of settlements: 23

Main priorities: Promotion of the municipality as a destination for tourism, Utilization of water resources, Livestock development.