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Study for planning and marking of pedestrian and bicycle paths in SWPR

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Project goals

The main goal of the Study is to create an infrastructure network of pedestrian and bicycle paths, which is of interest to the numerous cultural and natural sites and other attractive locations in the “most touristic” region in Macedonia. Otherwise, all spheres of social life directly or indirectly depend on the traffic connection and the condition of the transport infrastructure. From a traffic point of view, the Southwest planning region lacks paths for alternative – environmentally friendly and above all – health-friendly modes of transport, which are practical and desirable for use especially for tourist visits, such as walking and cycling, which was also basic motive for which the preparation of this Study was approached.
The Study traced 49 pedestrian and bicycle paths with a total length of 655 km, as well as three additional for the so-called Extreme sports with a length of 91 km, and coverage of the nine municipalities in the Region.

Project results
– Conducted a survey of 1100 respondents;
– Prepared working version of the study;
– Presentation of the working version;
– Final version of the study made and its printing.


Partner municipalities: 

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