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A regional enterprise for waste management will be formed in the Southwest and Pelagonia planning region


March 29, 2022


Organized by the Ministry of environment and physical planning, in Bitola, a joint meeting was held with the representatives of the 18 municipalities belonging to the two regions in order to agree on the dynamics and procedures to be undertaken by the city councils for establishment of a joint public enterprise that in the future should manage the waste in the Southwest and Pelagonija planning region. The launch of the company is a prerequisite required by the European bank for reconstruction and development for the approval of a loan of about 30 million euros, which will be intended for three key investment projects related to waste management.

For the construction and equipping of the so-called th first cell of the central plant that will be built near Novaci will be allocated 9.5 million euros, noting that in the next phase two more cells would be built for which an additional 13.6 million euros will be invested.

According to the concept for successful waste management and cost reduction, is planned to be constructed and equipped five transfer stations in Debar, Kicevo, Ohrid, Bitola and Prilep, for which the mentioned municipalities, soon, have to provide suitable locations. The transfer stations will cost 5.7 million euros.

About 6.7 m euros will be invested in modernizing the operations of existing public utility companies in both Regions. For trucks of different sizes, according to the requirements of the municipalities, 6.2 million euros will be allocated, and the rest will be used for the supply of 120 liter containers for households and containers of 1.1 cubic meters. It is envisaged that the larger municipalities – Ohrid, Struga and Kicevo will receive six trucks each, Debar and Makedonski Brod 2 each, and the other four – Vevcani, Debrca, Plasnica and Centar Zupa one vehicle each. About 7,800 bins and 50 containers, according to the size of the municipality, will be distributed for household waste selection.

Public utilities remain an important link in the integrated waste management system as they will continue to collect waste, which will be selected by households and other users. It is envisaged that PCEs will be able to sell the selected waste in order to generate additional revenues.

It remains in the next period, the Ministry of environment and physical planning, together with the municipalities of the two regions, to adopt the necessary acts for the establishment of the regional public enterprise, for which an agreement in principle has been reached to be based in Novaci, where it will be located the central plant of the regional landfill. By the way, it should be mentioned that the mechanical and biological treatment of the waste is planned to be implemented later because it is a large investment that can not be covered by the EBRD loan.


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