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Will be arranged the court of Touristic center in Vevchani


March 28, 2022


March 23, Vevchani    Center for development of the Southwest planning region put into operation the economic operator Tane 2007 which, through a tender procedure, is engaged for arrangement of the court of Tourist center “Kosta Srbakoski” in Vevchani. A building whose useful area is 1,400 m2 is intended for cultural and educational activities, has a gallery to promote the rich cultural heritage of Vevchani, a museum room to present the flora and fauna of the protected area Natural Monument “Vevchani Izvori” and the mountain Jablanica.

According to the prepared project documentation, a decorative stone will be placed on the yard with an area of ​​910 m2, access paths to the main and auxiliary entrances will be built, rest areas, urban equipment and lighting will be installed, and horticultural arrangement of the space will be performed.

The total investment for the yard of the Tourist center is 4.6 million denars and they are provided through the Program for regional development of the Ministry of local self-government and the Bureau for regional development.

In addition to Vevchani, within the project “Support to regional economic development through tourism, culture and other economic activities”, implemented by the Center for development of the Southwest planning region, activities are implemented in Ohrid, Struga and Centar Zupa.


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