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Technical acceptance and officially put into use the three branches of Dame Gruev Street in the settlement Hristo Uzunov


June 3, 2022


Ohrid, June 3, 2022     In the presence of representatives of the Center for development of the Southwest planning region, the Contractor – Markoski K73 DOOEL Struga, the Supervisor – Stolb DOOEL Bitola and the final user – Municipality of Ohrid, today, was organized a technical acceptance and officially released in use branches 2, 3 and 4 of the street “Dame Gruev” in the settlement “Hristo Uzunov”. Over 5.000 inhabitants of this settlement received modern traffic solutions in the length of 677 meters, whereby pedestrians are allowed to use sidewalks, and in addition, a public parking lot has been arranged.

During the construction phase, it was concluded that leg 3 is without atmospheric sewerage, while on leg 2, the citizens of the collective building located in the immediate vicinity face problems with heavy rain because the gutters were not implemented in the existing network. Thanks to the understanding of the Municipality of Ohrid, which provided funds for this purpose, these works were performed in parallel, thus overcoming the problems with storm water in the settlement.

The reconstruction of the works on “Dame Gruev” street is part of the project “Support to regional economic development through tourism, culture and other economic activities”, which is implemented by the Center for development of the Southwest planning region, approved by the Ministry of local self-government and the Bureau for regional development. The total investment is in the amount of 11,6 million denars, whereby 10,6 million denars are funds from the national budget, and the rest as a partner in the project was provided by the Municipality of Ohrid.

Within this project of the Center for development of the Southwest planning region in Ohrid, activities are carried out on part of the street “Momcilo Jordanoski” towards the Barracks, where atmospheric sewers are constructed and then asphalting and construction of new sidewalks. In addition to Ohrid, reconstruction of roads and streets is being carried out in the old part of Struga, the Tourist Center in Vevcani is being arranged on the ground floor, and the local road for the settlement Bajramovci in Centar Zupa has already been completely reconstructed.


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