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Garbage and stray dogs are hot topics n the Region


February 9, 2024



At today’s regular session of the Council for the development of the Southwest planning region, which was chaired by the mayor of Ohrid, Dr. Kiril Pecakov, it was agreed that during this year the main activities will be aimed at solving the problems with municipal waste and stray dogs. In the context of these hot topics for the Region, the members of the Council for development, agreed to hold a meeting with the Minister of the environment, Kaja Shukova, in order to familiarize them with the current processes, while it is a priority to intensify their resolution because they are a serious problem for the most important touristic region in the country.

It has been agreed that the possibilities for the preparation of technical documentation for the construction of one or two stations in the Region will be used where a humane solution to the problem of stray dogs would be approached.

Also, the members of the Council want to be familiar with the integral solution of municipal waste for the Southwest and Pelagonia regions, for which funds are provided through a loan from the EBRD and part of the donor community. According to the latest information, the purchase of vehicles, containers and waste bins will be approached during this year and the construction of the transfer stations will begin, with the aim of starting the first phase of the construction of the regional landfill in Novaci.

At today’s session, the members of the Council for development reviewed and adopted the annual reports on the work of the Centre for development, expressing satisfaction with the pace of work and the funds provided. Large investments are expected to continue this year, such as the reconstruction of the two hospitals for Cardiology in Ohrid and for Nephrology in Struga. In addition, there will be significant investments to solve the energy and energy efficiency problems of public buildings, as well as improving the road infrastructure. About 100 million denars have been provided for this purpose from domestic and donor sources.

At the session, the Draft-decision and the Decision to adopt the Annual Report on the implementation of the Program for development of the Southwest planning region for 2022 with an integrated Financial report and the Draft-decision and the decision to adopt the annual accounts for the operation of the Center for development of the Southwest planning region in 2022 and for the project “Sustainable and inclusive balanced regional development-phase II of implementation”.

After the session, the mayor of Municipality of Ohrid, Dr. Kiril Pecakov, organized an informal reception for other mayors from the Region, where the following activities of the Council for development were agreed upon.


Invitation and Agenda

Annual report on the implementation of the Program for development for 2022

– Annual account of the Centre

– Annual account of the project: „Inclusive and sustainable RD – phase II“


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